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A Beginners’ Guide To Lead Generation

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First of all what is lead generation?

Lead Generation can be defined that the way your company attains the interest of a stranger and converts them into someone who has interest in your company’s service or product who then becomes a client or customer of your business.

You have to remember that led generation is unique to every business. It is using the individual assets relative to that company to attract people to that company. Once you have attracted them you are hoping to lead them all the way to the checkout counter so that they can purchase your product or service.

Be clear on who you are looking for as a future client by building customer profile, just having a customer profile is not going to guarantee that you will get that specific type of client but it is a great starting point in keeping your sales and marketing team focused on the type of client that you want to have.

Why is lead generation important?

Although there will be many times where a stranger actively searches for your product or service because they have a need for it but more so then not it is going to be your job to actively search for and convert strangers into customers.

How to generate leads for your company

To successfully attract a new visitor to your business through one of your marketing efforts via your website or social media page, require an impactful call-to-action on your post.

Your call to action could include the use of a “special offer” such as an e-book or free course. Don’t forget to add a landing page as a net to catch the details of everyone that is wanting to download or attend the offer that you have made. The people who have filled out the information on the landing page can now be considered new leads for your company.

Marketing for lead generation.

Promoting your lead generation efforts is key to gaining more leads for your business

Lead generation marketing flow diagram.

lead generation marketing flow

You need to remember that over the years marketers have ruined every marketing opportunity tool and now customers understand the value that their details have and in order for your lead generation to be successful you need to offer real value in exchange for the details of future leads.

When trying to generate leads for your company your need to be creative in your execution of the lead generation marketing flow as illustrated above.

The use of informational content such as a blog post, is a great way to guide your visitors to the landing page. You can also use email to target the people who you already know but who may not know about yo