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Why is it important to have a social media calendar?

Great question! Let's take a moment to look at one of the world biggest businesses McDonald's. They are a success because they know that if you want to GROW then everyone must know what the end goal is and what is needed in order for them to achieve this goal! That means that no matter which McDonald's you visit and who you order from you are going to get the Big Mac Meal just like you like it and everyone in the back making your meal is following the same recipe. So, if you have a team, everyone involved with the content creation process must all be on the same page following the same plan with the same objectives because you don't want to miss important dates and more importantly you are able to track the performance of your team.


“Oh but, I’m just starting out and I don’t have a team so I don’t need this?!?”


Wrong! Wrong!! WRONG!!


You need a plan even more so that you are able to create the content creation recipe for success! 


You want the plan even more so if you are wanting to grow! Having a plan means that when you employ someone new to your team they have a plan to follow so that they can add the most value to your organisation, giving you the opportunity to focus more on the strategic growth of your business.


Being able to easily to see the bigger picture in how your content is lined-up over the week, month or even the year ahead is the best way to track performance, adjust for any challenges and ultimately succeed in achieving your goals! 


A great entrepreneur is a great planner. 


WorkLinker has got your back!

We know how hard it is to start planing just 1 social media post.. Never mind 1 YEAR!


But, you’ve come to the right place. we are going to give you all the tools you need to start pumping out high quality content! 

Before getting into the planning aspects of managing your content for the next 6 months of 2020, let’s quickly delve into what quality content really looks like and why you even need a plan in the first place.


We don't know you or  what you offer to the market, but being stuck in your room / office thinking of what to post on social media absolutely SUCKS.


As a leader you want to be focusing on the big picture of the business, working ON your  business rather than IN it.


We should be focusing on high-level strategies rather than low-level tactics...Like manually having to come up with posts on the spot because we aren't following a proper content plan!

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