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Lost in your 20's

Lost in your 20's

The world is on attack and their sights are aimed at Millennials.

The hard truth is that the same people taking shots at the Millennials don’t even have their own lives figured out. There is no reason to give their options a time of day.

1) YOLO – 20’s are the period of your life you can take the biggest risks of your life!

If you don’t have any debt hanging over your head then what do you to lose by going “all in” Why get stuck in the same path you grew up watching your parents depressed about at this point in your life you should be taking the biggest risks of your life because even if they fail you still have time to take the safe job later on down the road.

Move to another country for a year or try to become the next superstar now is the time to go on full attack

2) Don’t be afraid to work for free, over the 52k a year job.

Whom do you want to be like? Who inspires you?

You have to remember that most of these people having lines of people who want something from them and so being different and offering them a service for nothing in return in monetary terms you will learn your first lesson.

Create value first and give it freely.

You would learn a lot more about the stock market by being able to be around warren buffet or how to string a rhyme together by being around Eminem then you would if you stayed home and watched YouTube videos. No pay now in return from learning from the master first hand will pay off in the long term.

Stop being so fussy, your current living situation will be a story don’t the line but regrets of not taking the chance down the line will be a lot more painful.

3) Chase the climb not the view

A view looks a lot better when you can look back on the journey and remember the points in time when you didn’t know if you weren’t going to make or the point when the group you started with gave up one by one and now your Instagram selfie is just you and the view.

We are taught from young to sacrifice the challenge of the climb for the safe job, so you can find a good home and start a family but those who sacrifice their 20’s chasing their dreams can still have all of the above with the major difference their “regret account” has a lower balance than their counterparts.

Working hard for free now on something that you love is a lot better than working at a job you hate just waiting for Friday to come.

4) The answers of life will come later

Most people aren’t born knowing what they want or what there gift is yet. Older generations have put so much pressure on Millennials to know what you want from life and to have life figured out, but how the hell would you know what you want when you haven’t even lived yet?

Don’t stress the small things, you will make mistakes and you will grow because of them. Live life, take more risks and experience more things.

5) Rise to your loved one s and have the tough talks

Whom do you need to have a conversation within your family? Which of your family members is holding you back with comments and negativity?

You need to take them aside and tell them the truth, Tell them how you feel about everything. You need to open there eyes to what you want to do, where you are wanting to go, the insecurities that you have, how you plan to overcome them and how their comments or expectations make you feel.

They might not take your honesty too kindly but releasing yourself from the burdens placed on your shoulders from your family will be the best thing that you ever do and will set you free, truly free.

6) Shhhh, let your actions do the talking. Enough said.