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How to dramatically increase sales!

Do you want to dramatically increase your sales in 2019? You need to change company policy on only trying to convert leads but rather to increase the repeat purchases made by current clients.

To give you an example, if you sold cell phones in a small community and it only had 10000 people living in it and your focus is only on getting new customers than after the 10000th phone sold, you would have to close shop. But if you focus on further increasing sales to your current customers then your business is limitless.

1. Incentivise increased sales to current customers.

Photo by mohamed_hassan

By giving your sales team a reason to not only sell but to further develop and deepen relationships with current customers you will build incredible client relationships and business loyalty. So by giving your sales team an extra incentive to build strong client relationships is a win-win situation for both your sales team as well as your business.

2. Don’t just sell, but up-sell

What this means is getting your sales team to identify complementary or related products within your store that they can up-sell to customers who are in the process of purchasing a product that has a complementary or related product. For example, if you have a client coming in to buy the latest gaming console, think of a product that could add value to them such as rechargeable battery set, headphones that let them play long hours without disturbing other members of their family or an extra controller for that FIFA tournament. It is very important to demonstrate the benefit of purchasing the extras.

3. Inform your customers in-store about upcoming sales or promotions

Many will disagree and say that it is better to get the sale before informing customers about upcoming promotions but If you know that there is an upcoming promotion, then tell your customers about it (even if it means not selling to them “today”) because it will increase the trust they have with you and you will be surprised at how many will come back and also bring friends with them thus increasing your total sales.

4. Who is your VIP customers